Black Donald Flake Graphite Tin

This tin is pretty rare! From Canada and full of the original product! This piece is a real part of Canadian history.

Measures 7.5" tall

This is the story of how it came about:

On a rainy day in June 1889, John Moore was rounding up his cattle when he slipped and fell on a moss-covered slope on the shore of White Fish Lake in Renfrew County, Ontario. He discovered that under the moss was a vein of solid graphite, 8 feet in width. The next day, he chopped out some samples, but it wasn't until six years later that he was able to sell the mineral rights to the Honourable George McKindsey for $4000. While this was a lot of money for a poor farmer to acquire, McKindsey flipped the rights the very next day for $42,000 to a group of investors who created the Ontario Graphite Company. In 1896, mining operations began and over the next 50 or so years generated over 20 million dollars for its owners. The company built a town on the Black Donald mountain range for the workers. The mine eventually extended underneath White Fish Lake, until 1901 when rains brought a cave-in which flooded the operation. A new mill was built 3 miles south of the mine, and a powerhouse was built on the Madawaska River. This electric power was harnessed to access the ore, making Black Donald the first community in the district to be electrified. Initially, the ore was carried 30 miles down to the railhead at Calabogie by horse and wagon, with 10,000 pounds per tandem wagon, and via a shorter route over the ice during the winter with as many as 14 teams at work at any one time. Finally, a road was built through the bush, cutting the distance to 13 miles and eventually trucks replaced horses. In 1908, it was operated by the Black Donald Graphite Company.

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